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Pollinator Pocket Application

Thank you for doing your part! This program is designed to reward you and help you educate your neighbors and friends about the importance of planting pollinator habitat. Once you have submitted your application, we will add your pollinator pocket to our map and registry, we will create an individualized certificate, and furnish you with a pollinator pocket sign for your plot. Find more resources about planting and maintaining pollinator pockets on our website.  

Flowering plants and their associated pollinators are responsible for an estimated one out of every four mouthfuls of food. We gardeners can be a positive influence on pollinator populations and encourage diversity by planting pollinator-friendly gardens. A pollinator-friendly garden is also a people-friendly garden as we enjoy many of the same plants. Complete this application to certify your site as an official University of Illinois Extension Pollinator Pocket. We will review your application and, upon certification, your Pocket will be included in our Pollinator Pocket Registry. You may also choose to purchase a weatherproof sign to display, which identifies your site as an official Pollinator Pocket. 

We only accept credit cards for online applications. If you would like to send in cash or check please mail your payment and a paper application to the Champaign Extension Office. 801 North Country Fair Drive. Suite D. Champaign, IL 61821. Signs will be shipped to you at this time, so please make sure your address is accurately listed. 

Please fill out the following form to get your Pollinator Pocket certified. If you have questions please call the Extension office: 217-333-7672. 

Contact Information

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Optional. If you send pictures please email to: (Title subject line as:"Pollinator Pocket Application")
(if something you've planted for pollinators doesn't appear on our list, please select, "other" and tell us in the next question.)
If something you've planted for pollinators doesn't appear on our list, please select "Other" and tell us in the next question.
Please tell us which management practices you plan to use while maintaining your Pollinator Pocket.
$10.00 each.

Civil Rights Compliance - Participant Info

As part of our commitment to providing equal opportunities in our programming, University of Illinois Extension is required to collect and report overall statistics about the race, ethnicity, and gender of program participants. Your responses are voluntary and appreciated.

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