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2024 Cook County NORTH SUBURBAN - Community Garden Assistance

University of Illinois Extension regularly assists community gardening projects by providing unbiased researched-driven information. Remote consultation via email and phone is provided year-round.
 Registrations submitted after 3/15/2024 for on-site consultations will be scheduled for summer/fall 2024 assistance. 
When considering a community garden, University of Illinois Extension recommends educating yourself, securing/preparing your sponsors and recruiting the community to participate in nurturing the garden.
There are many benefits to be obtained in a garden project and University of Illinois Extension is here to help! Please complete the following form to help us understand the scope of the project and make proper recommendations for the site. We can then attempt to recruit Master Gardener volunteers to provide guidance for your specific garden project.
Requestors for community garden assistance must have and produce written permission from the site owner to locate the garden on their premises.
NOTE: To make the most of on-site visits, we are implementing a school and community garden training. Priority will be given to those organizations that attend our virtual training sessions Feb 15, 22, & 29, 2024.  Register for the training or contact Margaret at for further information on the School and Community Garden trainings.

Contact Information

1 being new to gardening 10 being advanced
Example - within the garden or 20 feet away
weeds or plants that should be removed
learning, edibles, ornamental, production, conservation, etc.
Select all that apply.

Civil Rights Compliance - Participant Info

As part of our commitment to providing equal opportunities in our programming, University of Illinois Extension is required to collect and report overall statistics about the race, ethnicity, and gender of program participants. Your responses are voluntary and appreciated.