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2023 Conservation@Home Cook County SCHOOL Application

Conservation@Home has expanded to include Cook County school landscape sites.

Conservation@Home Cook County recognizes and certifies school properties that demonstrate environmentally sound landscape practices. This program is brought to you by the partnership of Forest Preserves of Cook County and University of Illinois Extension.

Through the Conservation@Home School certification program, Chicago and suburban schools of Cook County have the opportunity to inspire students to be better environmental stewards while shaping landscapes in a conservation minded way. Our staff and volunteers can provide mentorship for your school to educate you about native vegetation, water and wildlife conservation and environmental curriculum. Guidance is provided through our school criteria checklist.

The biggest reward for integrating sustainable practices at your school is being aware that you are contributing to clean water, rich soil and resilient ecosystems that support people and wildlife. 

Conservation@Home is a program of The Conservation Foundation. University of Illinois Extension is pleased to be a partner.

Contact Information

1 acre is 43,560 square foot, or about 200 x 200 feet
The Urban Monarch Conservation Program and Illinois Monarch Project are surveying how many milkweed stems are in the Cook County Area. Please indicate the amounts below.
(Invasive plant species from around the world have spread across Cook County. One of the most problematic and abundant of these invaders in a tree called buckthorn.)
Please complete this if the school or schools groups have removed the buckthorn from the property.
(i.e. pond, shoreline vegetation, permeable pavers, storm water collection system, etc.)
Master Gardeners and Naturalists volunteer for this program.

Civil Rights Compliance - Participant Info

As part of our commitment to providing equal opportunities in our programming, University of Illinois Extension is required to collect and report overall statistics about the race, ethnicity, and gender of program participants. Your responses are voluntary and appreciated.